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Roberto has been published in numerous Periodicals Literary Journals and Anthologies in the US and abroad. Selected to perform for La Casita at Lincoln Center Out of Doors New York along with poets musicians artists from throughout the world.

Roberto has performed and recited his poetry for forty years throughout California with venues in New York City. In 1992 Roberto was also selected to lecture and perform at Cornell University for a major writers conference. In September 2000 Roberto was also selected as a participant  at the Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco CA in association with (AHA) Hispanic Arts in New York. His poetry books: (A Friend of Sorrow 1980.) (Darkspark 2006. Maximum in Minimum 2016.) (Triple Crown 1987) and (Reality Ribs 1993) Bilingual Press, Arizona State University.) were used as  course curriculum. His poetry books have also been used in various high schools, community colleges, and universities in various states. Including (Literary Reflections, Center for Gifted Education The College of William and Mary)1998.

Photo by: John Gilberto Rodriguez

El Tecolote-First Place Poetry Competition 1981. San Francisco CA.

DragonFly Press: First Recipient Literary for Achievement 1999, San Jose, CA.

Roberto has produced four music CDs with fine local musicians. Featuring his signature poetry to lyrics style:

Eighty Sixed Again-2001

Poetry Pie-2003

Dark Spark-2006

The Poet-2010


Emilio Ratti Video and Film-Milan Italy

Emilio Ratti:Do not Cross the Lines-1997

3 Strikes You're Out-1998-

Play On Words-2000-


El Paletero-2012-

Filmmaker River O'Mahoney Hagg-Short Film

Eighty-Sixed Again, Premiered at The San Diego Latino Film Festival-2002

Filmmaker Nikolaos Omeros Koumoundouros 

Los Thrienta Tres y Ella-2013

Premiered at the Syros International Film Festival in Greece, and shown in New York 2020.

Filmmaker Bill Cozzini-The Jaguar Poet trailer-Cinequest 2017

Acted in "Bill Rules" Cinequest Film Festival-2018 Film Short

Iggy Skye-Roof Top Poetry-San Francisco CA Film Short-2014-

Rafael Flores-Filmmaker San Francisco-

Narration-Pixan the Ghost of Gongora-2016-San Francisco-CA

Black and Brown Poetry Series-2018


Videos and Film: